Industry Praise


Dave Deasley

Preseident, AMER Sports (1994 - 2020)
Over the last 25+ years as President of Amer Sports Canada ( Salomon, Atomic, Wilson and Suunto ) I have worked with many sales representatives across the country. A quality sales representative is critical to the success of your company and the brands they represent. They must have the professionalism and passion to deliver your message to both the customer and more importantly to the consumer. 
Over the last 15+ years I have witnessed this in J.P. Mcleod. His dedication to the business, to the customer and the consumer is second to none. J.P. is exactly what you look for in a sales agent to drive your brand and sales in the area. He is a true professional managing the business and building the brand in a first class manner. He understands what it takes to elevate the brand in both the customer and consumer’s eyes. 
I would highly recommend J.P. to represent your company to develop the brand and sales in this region. 

Ross Hooker

Western Canadian Sales Manger, Salomon (1996 - 2020)

For the last 16 years, J.P. has been instrumental in the success of Salomon Footwear & Apparel in British Columbia. Throughout my tenure, he proved himself to be a true sales professional possessing not only first-class presentation skills and market knowledge, but also the capability of developing solid relationships, trust, and loyalty within our dealer network. J.P. would be a tremendous asset to any brand that fits the scope of his agency.

Gayle Robinson

Owner Robinson’s Outdoor Store

I have worked with J.P. McLeod of Garibaldi Supply Co., since 2005.  J.P. is one of a handful of reps who has the ability and responsibility to get the job done.  He understands our store model and works closely with us on buying, marketing, merchandising, and training our staff.   Early on his trust and integrity became apparent which allowed us to create a strong partnership that propelled Salomon into our top selling footwear brand, where is has remained ever since.  I highly recommend J.P. as the face of any outdoor brand and would be interested in viewing any line he represents